Management of energy

We will ensure optimal use of energy or the flow of energy in your building. Efficiently managing energy in your home and provide your full control over resources.

All this remotely from our control center without operator intervention or customer intervention. We will create heating mode leading to full effectiveness of the operation.

We will ensure:

  • installation of equipment for remote management and control
  • the ability to track and control over your own dispatching station
  • the possibility of transferring resources to the lease and subsequent operation
  • separate operation
  • a separate monitoring of station
  • separate fault reporting and removal of faults by our service center
  • Service activities in the field of measurement and control

That means for our customer:

  • zero cost for training and testing of authorized personnel
  • zero costs for salaries and social security contributions
  • zero payments for unnecessary energy consumed
  • obtaining peace for your work
  • steady supply of heat
  • certainty of immediate solutions to any difficulties and disorders
  • control of the heating source
  • precise control of service activities
  • lack of obligation to solve the problems of heat supply
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Hledáme společně se zákazníkem taková řešení, která jsou pro zákazníka nejlepší, a to v oblasti kontroly a řízení energií. 

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