Measurement and regulation

What is measurement and regulation?

Measurement -> detection of quantities, values, the values range, condition (temperature, pressure, flow, energy, ...)
Regulation -> set rules for proper operation (heating, ventilation, hot water, electricity and energy in general)

What can we measure and find out for you:

  • We measure the values of variables and subsequently regulate equipment to achieve the highest possible savings or optimal consumption
  • We provide management and control of large complexes as well as family houses and apartments
  • We use both traditional and non-traditional sources of heat and power and achieve their effective use.

Together with the measurement and control we can do:

  • Installation of a heat source
  • Installation of terminal elements
  • Installation of gas pipelines and gas equipment
  • Installation of cabling
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Hledáme společně se zákazníkem taková řešení, která jsou pro zákazníka nejlepší, a to v oblasti kontroly a řízení energií. 

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